I don’t really know what I want to accomplish out of this blog. I am doing it to document places I have been and moments I have experienced. Whether it’s for myself or for readers, that is up to personal interpretation. Maybe you find an adventure I have taken so compelling, you decide to take the journey on yourself. If that’s the case, I hope the¬†experience is your own because you deserve to enjoy life and the moments it can bring.

Know that the first posts are actually going back in time. My adventures alone started in 2016. Friends told me I should start a blog about it, and in hindsight, I should have then. But hey, I’m human. So be patient and eventually I’ll be caught up in real time.

I’ve also decided that although the blog is called Adventures Alone, I may document some experiences that I shared with a friend. The purpose in doing that is to help you understand how to navigate that venue or business if you were on your own. I will denote those experiences with an asterisk after their title and a reminder at the bottom of the post.